*Batches and Timings*

All the batches are on Sunday at HTCC Florey Temple.


* Please contact for the class timings.




Terms and Conditions:


Your joining the classes will be termed as acceptance of the terms and condition. Your admission to the classes in conditional based on your acceptance of below terms.

  1. No trial classes are provided. 
  2. All term fees must be paid in full prior to the commencement of the term.
  3. Term fees will not be refunded if a student withdraws after the term has commenced or change of mind. 
  4. Please note: Students will not be permitted to participate in dance classes if terms fees are not paid. 
  5. Fees not paid by the due date may incur a 10% surcharge to cover administrative and recovery costs unless a prior arrangement has been made. 
  6. Students will not be permitted  to commence a new term if previous term fees are still outstanding.
  7. Any waiver under this section shall not reduce any liability to pay and costs to Mudrakar Kathak Dance School.
  8. We do not refund absences. No refunds/ credits are given for missing classes, missed classes due to vacation, holidays and/or days off from school.
  9. Attending Dance Classes: Dance classes can involve risk of personal injury. While Mudrakar takes all reasonable care in the conduct of its classes; it accepts no responsibility for injury or loss caused during classes or whilst participants are at or near the dance studio. You are responsible forensuring that you are physically and mentally fit for the class and during the class you must at all times take care of your own personalsafety. Next Gen students are required to be accompanied by a parent or guardian when at Mudrakar. By attending classes on our timetableyou agree to these Terms and Conditions.
  10. Performances: Mudrakar sets the expectation that all students will attend all rehearsals for the various performances. The rehearsals prepare students for all the future performances (whether you in/out of the performance).
  11. The rehearsals will be set up when required. Rehearsals form part of the regular session.
  12. If a student backs-out of performance at last moment, Mudrakar reserves the right to replace/exclude the student from other performances. 
  13. All choreography is owned by Mudrakar Kathak Dance School.
  14. Photography and Video : Mudrakar Kathak Dance School does not permit the use of any recording devices (visual and audio) in classes or rehearsals.
  15. If permission has been given to record dance routines for rehearsal, under no circumstances should the material be placed on social media, networking media without the permission of staff, students, parents and care givers.
  16. Due to privacy parents/care givers are not permitted to take photos or video recording of their child during performances or open days.
  17. Some families do not feel comfortable with this so it will not be possible to photograph/video troupe performances. 
  18. Mudrakar Kathak Dance School Marketing Authority : All parents/guardians have the option to sign and agree to give Mudrakar Kathak Dance School permission to use photos or video footage of their child/children.
  19. The photos or video footage taken during classes/performances/productions remain the property of Mudrakar Kathak Dance School and may be used in advertising material including but not limited to brochures, magazines, displays and the website: www.mudrakar.com